Please note, classes typically run for 8-10 weeks, but depending on Public Holidays, the term may be shorter. 

We reserve the right to cancel any class that does not have a sufficient number of registrations. Participants families will be notified and the children given a different class option should this occur. 

Class Descriptions:

This program is created to help the body and brain development of our youngsters 1 - 2.5 year olds


This is the initial step for children from age 2 - 5 into the world of Gymnastics.  The program is designed and lead to improve confidence, balance and body awareness with the help of Mum/Dad. 

The equipment set up in the gym will provide a wide range of opportunities to expore and play with movement principles.  Open gym is built on the belief that Moving and Learning together is FUN.  Caregivers are participating and sharing the enjoyment with their kids.

Recreational Gymnastics for fitness & fun.  The program is a more skills based program including gym, trampoline badges and display work. Ages 5+

The entry into Competitive Gymnastics is by selection.  All gymnasts need to pass an entry test.  Tests cost $20 per gymnast and our typically run during the holiday schedule. 

We offer Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG, WAG)
For times, please refer to our timetable.  Term fees correspond to training and competiting step/level vary.

For more information, please read our Guide to Competitive Gymnastics available on our competitive tab or at the gym club.