About Us

The Gisborne Gymnastics Club was established by Sally Bishop and Ross Lister on the 10th of March 1981. Initially they held their classes in the upstairs area of the Moleta building.

During a short period of time the club had several NZ Representatives.  Top achiver of the club is still Mark Lister who represented our region and NZ at the Commonwealth Games in 1986.

At the beginning of 1987 the GGC gained access to the building on the corner of Aberdeen and Stanley Roads.  With a now very big and fully set up facility the club continued to grow until the early 90's.

After the head coach moved away from the region the GGC faced some hard years and coaches changed on a regular basis.  Numbers dropped and the club slowly disintegrated until there were only a handful of competitive and recreational gymnasts left.

In 1999, a group of very brave committee members, for the first time employed a full time professional coach.  As finances were very limited progress was slow at the start, but enthusiasm, loyalty and will to make this club a strong and accesssible facility for Gymnastics in our region brought us to where we are now.

Thanks to all the helpers over the last 10 years.  And again in the history of Gymnastics in Gisborne excellent results are achieved by girls and boys in many competitions.  Our newest 2014 NZ Champion in Gymnastics is Keely Phillips.

Mission Statement

To provide safe, enjoyable, high quality gymnastics in an inviting atmosphere where all can experience and develop in a fun and professional manner.

Information coming soon!